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My new collection, haiga 4, is now available on my blurb site. You can also view them on my Flickr page.

Each of my books contain 100+ haiga. They are $25.00 each (plus shipping and any tax your state charges). Almost all of the $25 goes to Blurb, the printing company. I get a $1.65. And who said poetry doesn't pay?

However I know that for some of you, paying that much (or any amount) for a physical book might be a challenge for one reason or another. I get it. So, all are available on my Flickr page for better digital quality and download. They are also available on my YouTube channel and put to music.

On the music page you can watch some of my live music performances, or view past performances and videos. The writings page, will get you to my poems, stories, and essays. And the images page will get you the visuals. They all start to link together, however, so hopefully one will lead into another.

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