haiga of burning man

The haiga contained within this collection were all created by me during the week of Burning Man 2022 as I watched the live stream from the Playa. All were posted and shared with the online burning community. I subsequently used the Burning Man related haiga for illustrations of articles I wrote about Burning Man over on Medium:

The 10 Principles of Burning Man

After the Burn

Tears on the Playa (Magazine Only)

Proverbs of Burning Man

In the spirit of the Second Principle, Gifting, there is no charge for this collection of haiga. It is my gift to you. Please download it, read it online, and share with anyone you think may enjoy it. To download a  .pdf version of the magazine, use the little download cloud below to download the magazine. You can also print a copy if you would prefer. Please do not sell the work. The Second Life virtual version is now available in-world here 

You can read the virtual magazine below. Click on the arrow pointing to the right at the bottom of the magazine.

Many people don't know that the virtual world of Second Life hosts the official virtual regional burn. Known as Burn2, each year hundreds of burners from around the world virtually gather for a community event on the digital playa. More info about burn2 and burning man can be found here. While I have performed on the playa numerous times, only a few have been captured for memories...

Live Performance from Second Life

All of the songs on my first improvisational piano release were all recorded live in the virtual world known as Second Life. This video, In the Shadow of the Man, was filmed on the virtual playa, shows the man before the burn.

Burning Man Haiga Collection

This video sets all of my haiga related to burning man to music. The music being played is a live stream of my improvisational piano. These haiga are not contained in the video for the haiga album nor available for purchase.

10 Principles Park

As on the actual playa, each year those of us who attend the virtual regional create art installations, mutant vehicles, or campsites. In 2022 I created 10 Principles Park to remind us all of the unifying principles we agreed to follow on the playa. The park was highlighted on the Burn2 YouTube Channel along with an interview of my thoughts and reflections on my build, the burn2 regional, and Second Life.

Virtual Reflections

In Second Life, all residents wear an avatar, which is their chosen virtual representation. During 2020 and 2021 I focused on taking candid portraits of the avatars created by the residents as they attended various events, many of them related to burn2 and other community events. The portraits were shown at Kultivate Select Gallery's February 2021 Portrait Exhibition and then subsequently used as visuals for the above music video, Virtual Reflections.